The Crypto Cloud

'The Cloud' is more of a Mad Men-style marketing scheme from Apple. In reality, the Cloud is nothing more than a common process everyone uses daily.

The Cloud refers to using someone else's server to store your info, run your processes, or host your own website. Whether an individual, Telecom company, or Apple® wants to host the physical servers.

The application of Blockchain technology can completely remove the need for localized serves dedicated to cloud hosting, and open the door up for any system to lend their storage/computational power to run the network.

This means your data is just as impenetrably safe in Shmo-Joe's hands as Verizon's attempts. However, both will be safer than most current options.

Current Cloud applications are among the most significant hindrances for these processes to come to fruition within the governmental and banking systems. Since institutions have so much infrastructure and customization around their current systems, evolving would be difficult. Considering the cloud industry is still new, and there are fewer service options, having all the banks and governments spread their data across the few platforms would be irresponsible. However, I see blockchain-based cloud solutions as the alternative these larger institutions need.

As such, I have been exploring many of the crypto-currencies tied to these blockchain-cloud services. Early backtesting analysis and some quantitative research show a positive outlook that these will be added to our portfolio soon.


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