The first of its kind, for mutual benefit.

The fund is a unique blend of our inventive processes and alpha driving tactics creating a service that provides extensive benefits on-top of systematic, repeatable performance. Working 24/7 to keep up with the crypto market, we are the hedge fund that works. 


The best way to beat the market is to earn more of it.

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Passive Income

 Our unique strategy aims to provide a steady stream of income. 

Essentially, every trade we make earns more Bitcoin on top of the initial investment. Meaning your investment would do as well as the broader market, with the added benefit of a dividend.

The Long Game

We look for correlated outperformance. 


Since our trading activity builds up our Bitcoin reserves, we hedge against the market by earning more of it. Due to our correlated nature, we plan on capturing all the potential gains the market may have. 

A Fair Fund

Most funds collect as much capital as possible then get rich off the management fee. Even though most funds fail to beat the market. 


We kept our fund small, forcing us to put your capital first. Our beneficial structure ensures we are always working hard with your capital for both our sakes.

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Maximize Your Financial Plan

We provide one of the best ways to invest in a diversified crypto portfolio.

We seek correlated outperformance, achieving both downside protection and upside maximization. In turn, our portfolio seeks to capture all the gains the market can experience. 

Professional Insight

Part of our practice involves discretionary decision making. Meaning we let our cumulative knowledge, experience, understanding, and mistakes act as a guide.

We spent years studying the market, making errors along the way, so you don't have to. 

Taking the Fear out of Crypto

We provide honest and professional crypto investment services to all of our clients.


As a successful crypto trading firm, we always put your financial interests first, which allows us to provide you with personalized strategies and professional advice. Our priority is helping clients maximize their crypto investments in both the short and long-run. 

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Consistent + Repeatable

We've created a protocol to remove as much of the human element as possible. 


 The problem with traditional investing is the 'skill' involved. Skill, much like in gambling, isn't as reliable over time as seen by the below-average returns of most funds relying on individual traders.

The First Fair Fee

Our unique fee structure is a far cry from the familiar 2-and-20 model that eats away at capital year after year. 

We have developed a crypto-friendly and purely performance-based fee to allow for a more equitable relationship. 

Bitcoin + Fiat

Traditionally measured in USD, the NAV is used to measure the value of your investment in dollars.

We have created a Bit-NAV to compare our performance with what matters, Bitcoin. Since most crypto funds fail to beat Bitcoin, we made it a point to show how we stack up to the oldest and largest cryptocurrency.


The Simpler Option

The simple choices are usually the easiest to make. So we kept our team, and our fund, small. We don't reside in a NYC high-rise, but in the beautiful and calm city of Lancaster PA, right next to acres and acres of farmland. When it comes to finances simpler is usually better. 

Cryptocurrency has a lot of folks scared, they hear as much bad as they do good. We take that hassle away and focus solely on increasing our share of the market. If cryptocurrency is as revolutionary as we believe, the more of the market we have in the long-haul the better. 

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We operate 24/7 and will try our best to respond promptly. 

Open to Accredited Investors 



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